In the heart of the Sassi di Roccamalatina Park was born, from the passion for good things, a traditional balsamic vinegar rich in the flavours and scents of our hills
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Extra Vecchio - aged over 25 years

It is certainly the most typical of Modena gastronomic products and certainly the one that has received the greatest recognition and reached the widest popularity. It is a unique product in the world, guaranteed by the Consorzio Produttori which, in addition to carrying out strict controls on the production chain, has the duty to verify the compliance of the organoleptic characteristics and to test the quality through the judgment of expert tasters.
It also provides to pack it in the only bottle permitted by law and to provide it with the guarantee seal. The consumer is thus guaranteed for the quality and for the years of aging that are defined in only two periods: over twelve years for the "Affinato" type and over twenty-five years for the "Extra Vecchio" one.
This wording Extra Vecchio is shown on the label affixed by the Consortium and distinguishes, in addition to the color of the capsule (white for the Affinato and gold for the ExtraVecchio), and to that of the box (beige for the Affinato and brown for the 'ExtraVecchio), the only two types that are subsequently placed on the market, personalized by the labels of the producers.
This vinegar has had a minimum aging of 25 years, inside the centenarian family barrels that have given it a sublime personality that manifests itself in its intense brown colour, in its ample and persistent aroma and in its full-bodied and harmonious flavour more on the fruity that on the agro.
It is tasted on important cheeses, it is excellent used raw in sauces and boiled meat or fish, for fruit salad, on strawberries and in particular on ice cream desserts, or pure at the end of the meal as a digestive.

Acetaia Campioni
via Massimo D'Azeglio 763
Roccamalatina (MO)
tel.  333-7711395
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