In the heart of the Sassi di Roccamalatina Park was born, from the passion for good things, a traditional balsamic vinegar rich in the flavours and scents of our hills
  via Massimo D'Azeglio 763 Roccamalatina (MO)
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ICE CREAM with Balsamic vinegar
• ½ litre of whole milk
• 1 gr. of vanillin
• 4 egg yolks
• 200 gr. of sugar
• 20 gr. of traditional balsamic vinegar

Boil the milk and flavour it with the vanillin. Work the egg yolks in a bowl with the sugar and add the boiling milk a little by little, stirring with a whisk or a wooden spoon. Cook the cream in a bain-marie, making sure that neither the cream nor the water reaches the boiling temperature. The cream will be ready when the spoon will remain veiled. Pour the cream into a bowl; when it is completely cooled, add the balsamic vinegar, mixing it carefully. Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker or place it in the freezer

Acetaia Campioni
via Massimo D'Azeglio 763
Roccamalatina (MO)
tel.  333-7711395
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