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The Product
aged over 12 years
Through the centuries, a tradition of immutable continuity has consecrated the characteristics of traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena that the production specification summarizes as follows:
"is a product obtained from cooked grape must, ripened by slow acetification derived from natural fermentation and progressive concentration through long aging, without any addition of aromatic substances. It has a characteristic, fragrant, complex but well amalgamated scent, penetrating of evident but pleasant and harmonious acidity. Dark brown in color charged and shiny, it manifests its density in a correct smooth syrupiness. The characteristic flavor of balsamic, sweet and sour, well balanced with appreciable acidity and slight reflection of aromaticity obtained by influence of the various woods of the jars used in acetate, alive, frank, full, velvety, intense and persistent, in good harmony with the olfactory characteristics that are its own".
This vinegar has aged at least 12 years, in barrels of different woods, oak, chestnut, mulberry, ash, has a dense brown color, clear and dense with a wide scent with a feeling of volatile acidity more pronounced than the extravecchio.
Thanks to its scent and good acidity it can enrich and flavor many dishes of our cuisine
Invecchiato oltre 25 anni
It is certainly the most typical of Modena gastronomic products and certainly the one that has received the greatest recognition and achieved the widest dissemination. It is a unique product in the world, guaranteed by the Consortium of Producers which, in addition to carrying out strict controls on the production chain, intervenes to verify the compliance of the organoleptic characteristics and to test the quality through the judgment of expert tasters.
It also packs it in the only legal bottle and provides it with the seal of guarantee. The consumer is thus guaranteed for the quality and for the years of aging that are defined in only two periods: over twelve years for the type "Refined" and over twenty-five years for the "Extra Vecchio" type.
This vinegar has had a minimum aging of 25 years, in the century-old family barrels that have given it an excellent personality that manifests itself in its color, intensely charged brown, in its wide and percesive scent and in its full-bodied and harmonious flavor more on fruity than on the countryside.
This extra vecchio statement is shown on the label affixed by the Consortium and distinguishes, in addition to the color of the capsule (white for refined and gold for the Extra Vecchio), and that of the box (beige for refined and brown for extravecchio), the only two types that are subsequently placed on the market, customized by the labels of the individual producers.
It is suitable for important cheeses, it is excellent used raw in sauces and boiled or fish, for fruit salad, on strawberries and in particular on sweet cream ice cream, or pure at the end of the meal as a digestive.
Balsamic seasoning
Seasoning based on balsamic vinegar.
With a dark brown color, full-bodied, persistent, with a complex and characteristic taste. A real explosion of flavors and scents.

Acetaia Campioni
via Massimo D'Azeglio, 763
41052 Roccamalatina (MO)
Tel.  3337711395
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